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  • Команда профессионалов...

  • Team of professionals…

  • У нас всё точно!

  • Exact timing!

  • Мы развернем бивуак даже на Луне...

  • We can set up bivouac even at the Moon...

  • Техинспекция: До последнего клиента...

  • Technical supervision: until the last client leaves...

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Satellite Monitoring Motorsport

  • The device registers a competitor track by recording its impulses every 1 sec.
  • Automatically runs report about all stops and their duration at special stages
  • “OK” button is used to send a message to the headquarters informing that there is no accident during the stop.
  • “SOS” button is used to send a message to the race headquarters informing that the crew needs medical aid.
  • Light emitting diodes display track checks passing mode to a competitor. 




   Monitoring is provided by SMM-online equipment.