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Timing system TAG Heuer


The Pocket Pro Rally App, Pocket Pro HL400-R, gives users access to timekeeping functions dedicated to timing rally events.

Three Rally-specific modes offer the possibility to manage various Rally timing requirements including schedule starts with intervals and count-down for the start marshal, time check for the co-driver indicating time to next start, target time, split times and difference. Also included is a mode for stage timing with count-down timer, stage times with splits.


Video: TAG timing system in operation


All 3 modes offer the complete solution for timekeepers, rally drivers and co drivers with the added benefit to download all data and times for post event calculations and results.

Together with its integrated USB connector; free POCKET MANAGER Application and Pocket-Pro 800 measurements internal memory, this device makes downloading, analysis, printing and archiving of results extremely simple.

Results can also be viewed or printed from your laptop or pc instantly.

The USB connector enables connection to a photocell, a manual switch or a wireless radio input.

Pocket Pro Manager adjusts a Lock Time for the USB Input.


Basic equipment: START - FINISH



Extended equipment: SS1 - Road section - SS2



Package with the automatic generation of crew starting number: Special stage Start or Finish

Recently we have found a way how to identify the competitor at the finish straight off. Now we can record the time of crossing the line and send the data to the server where Your software system can download and process it. Timing system will receive the RFID card number and record the time this very data will be downloaded to the server.