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  • We can set up bivouac even at the Moon...

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  • Technical supervision: until the last client leaves...

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SMM Satellite Monitoring Motorsport


Our focus area is to provide competitors’ on-line timing at Administrative Checks by electronic record tools and real-time data transmission to final result file. 



One of our primary activities is to provide competitors’ safety. For that purpose we use on-line tracking by GSM satellite channel as well as Iridium world-wide network of satellites. Multi-day competitions, extreme races and any other outdoor trips are fascinating and challenging. But you are always bothered with the safety issues: - if something goes wrong with the crew during the race how does anybody know that they need help and where are they to be looked for to render assistance?

Just imagine 90 percent of our planet has NO cellular coverage!

- in case of an accident or any other circumstances requiring emergency medical aid, a competitor activates “SOS” button and by doing that he/she sends a signal with exact coordinates of the accident to the race headquarters.

- in case of vehicle malfunction when a competitor does not need any medical aid, he/she activates “OK” button and the headquarters receives necessary information to dispatch towing-away service to the place of an incident.  

SMM company owns all necessary equipment and software to provide on-line tracking of any object. 



We also specialize on making bivouacs!!!

Bivouac is a temporary camp.

We make comfortable and safe bivouacs. In our bivouacs you will have nearly everything you got used to in your every-day civilized life.